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Thank you Bill… We are very happy with our CFBT Prop!!!
I was offered and accepted a Fire Chief's position in California, I start in February. So make sure you stay in touch. We want to build a center just like you did for us here at TVF&R. Chief

PS Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue's Training South is just a stones throw away from our manufacturing and R&D facility in Sherwood Oregon. Not only did our leader Bill Gee work and retire at TVF&R, he continues to sponsor their mission to the communities it serves


Kitsap Readiness Center:
In my 45 years in the Fire and Rescue Business I have seen and used hundreds of training props. I am most impressed with WRG and WRG Training Props for three basic reasons. First they are reliable, second they are durable, and thirdly the company has always been there for us 24 hours a day 365 days a year for service, maintenance, and certifications. We currently have settled with a full range of training props and facilities all provided by WRG. We train thousand of emergency responders each year both military and civilian, and each year we get the same results on our student evaluations: "Excellent Facility, Excellent Instructors, and Excellent props" I think that sums it up very well. Thank You Bill and your whole team for helping make the Kitsap Readiness Center a success. Larry Akers Director

PS Mr. Akers is a retired Senior Master Chief with 45 years of fire fighting experience, he is a Damage Control Expert, Ship Board Firefighter Master Instructor, Program author of a number of training manuals and SOP's used today both military and civilian, and has served as the Director of Training for Olympic College Fire Sciences Program at the Kitsap Readiness Center. Thank You Larry for your service to our great country and for making our Emergency Service Providers the best in the world. Hoorah!


Just a few words of thanks Bill,
The grand opening of the new training center was over whelming. We knew we had something special when fire representatives from all over our county region arrived and shook my hand each stating they had never seen such a beautiful facility with so much to offer and for so little cost. Bill you and your teams are really special. You gave us more than we had hoped for with our limited funding. The fires are great, the tower is perfect, and the drill grounds themselves are fantastic. What can I say but you guys are awesome!

PS Snohomish fire should get most of the praise for this project as they struggled for years to accomplish this project. We at WRG feel a great since of gratitude for the opportunity to design and build this facility for such a great bunch of fire dogs and a great department with such strong community support. It was a pleasure BG) Feel free to request reference letters from any of 162 projects